Can Lasers Act as an Effective Neck and Back Pain Treatment in Longmont, CO?

Can Lasers Act as an Effective Neck and Back Pain Treatment in Longmont, CO?

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Back pain in Longmont is anything but fun. It gets in the way of your everyday activities and limits your ability to do the things you love. Ultimately, individuals with back and neck discomfort know that something must be done about their pain.

The thought of treating back pain may bring about unwelcome ideas of surgery or lots of money you'd rather not spend. However, there is another alternative for neck and back pain treatment in Longmont, CO. Lasers have been proven to help. The below includes information on lasers and how they can be used as back pain treatment:

What is a low-level laser therapy in Longmont?

Low-level laser therapy, also called a cold laser, is the process of using a laser set at a specific wavelength of light to treat an issue in the body. The laser penetrates deep into the tissues of the skin to accelerate the healing process.

Lasers used in this therapy are the size of the flashlight. The correct wavelength of light is placed over an injured area for anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the strength of the light and the area being treated.

When the light is absorbed into the skin, it interacts with light-sensitive elements in a cell, launching it directly into the healing process.

How does laser therapy help the body?

Overall, laser therapy can provide rapid repair, stronger tissues, reduced inflammation and damage as well as pain relief.

This therapy's quick effectiveness can make it a desirable form of treatment. For example, if an injured sports player can have laser treatment two to three hours after a back injury occurs, rehabilitation time will be cut in half due to the rapid repair and pain relief from the laser.

The laser can also heal nerve and spinal injuries 300 percent faster. The external healing caused by the laser reflects what is happening to the body on the cellular level, where nothing is seen or felt. In addition to back, neck and spinal problems, this type of treatment has also been proven to help with cancer and serious burns.

Why do people choose laser therapy?

Patients choose laser therapy over surgery for a wide range of reasons. First, laser treatments can save you money in the long term, as they only cost around $50 per session. In addition, laser treatments are a non-invasive way to promote healing.

The laser is also easy to apply and has no painful parts of therapy. After surgery, patients typically experience serious discomfort and need painkillers, which can be prescribed in large doses and have negative side effects. In contrast, laser therapy offers an option with no pain involved and little to no side effects after treatment.

Perhaps most importantly, laser therapy is 90 percent effective in treating problems. You couldn't ask for a better neck and back pain treatment in Longmont, CO.

When injuries happen or pain is in your way of living an enjoyable life, laser therapy can relieve this discomfort fast with many positive effects like reduced pain and stronger tissue. For effective back pain treatment in Longmont, CO, visit Clancey Chiropractic, PC today.


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