Visit a Chiropractor for Back Pain Treatment Longmont, CO after a Winter of Shoveling Snow

Visit a Chiropractor for Back Pain Treatment Longmont, CO after a Winter of Shoveling Snow

Chiropractic Longmont CO Back Pain Shoveling Snow

After every heavy snowfall, thousands of backs across Colorado ache from intense snow-shoveling sessions. Tens of thousands of back and shoulder injuries are reported each year due to shoveling snow. If your winter has included back-breaking flake moving, chiropractic care can help. Visit your chiropractor for effective back pain treatment in Longmont, CO.

You can receive the following benefits from our Longmont Chiropractor:

  • Thorough assessment: Snow shoveling is one of the highest-intensity exercises we can do. It uses all of our major muscle groups. Pain in your back and other joints after shoveling is common. A chiropractor will use x-rays and a physical exam to determine exactly what parts you have injured to decide what care you need. The chiropractor can then recommend a series of exercises and treatments that will begin to lessen - and eventually free - your body from the pain.
  • Whole-body care: Chiropractors consider the entire body when diagnosing and treating back pain. The nervous system, of which your spine is a part, is integral to all other functions of the body. Because each of our systems affects one another, this holistic approach is helpful for treatment. Rather than isolating the injury, a chiropractor understands how the injury affects or is influenced by all other parts. In doing so, he or she can gain a better understanding of what is going on in your body and determine the proper treatment.
  • Individualized treatment plan: After assessing your injuries, your chiropractor will determine the best method of treatment to restore your systems to alignment and proper functioning. He or she will get to the source of your pain and make the necessary adjustments. This typically involves the chiropractor assisting with muscle movements and strengthening until patients can do these movements for themselves.
  • Non-invasive techniques: Through spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments, chiropractic care provides back pain treatment that is much less invasive than other options. These techniques are surgery and medication-free and encourage the body to heal on its own with the proper alignment assistance. Over time, realigning and exercising your systems restores proper functioning and relieves pain. These techniques are usually preferable to the thought of an operation or drugs that come with many side effects.
  • Pain relief: Lower back strain can be extremely painful. Improper shoveling methods or extra-long driveways can create very uncomfortable results. The muscles in the lower back may over-tense and tighten, causing a spasm. An overworked back can also result in a slipped disk. In this scenario, one of the disks between your vertebrae has slipped out of position and pushes on a nerve, shooting pain through your body. A consultation with a chiropractor can help determine your injury type and the necessary treatment to stop the pain.

Don't endure unnecessary pain this season. If your back is telling you the winter snows have taken their toll, do something about it. Visit your local chiropractor at Clancey Chiropractic, PC for back pain treatment in Longmont, CO. You will receive personalized care to restore your back to health. This spring, as the snow melts, so will your pain.


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