How to Feel Great Long After You’ve Left a Chiropractic Clinic in Longmont, CO

How to Feel Great Long After You've Left a Chiropractic Clinic in Longmont, CO

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If you've ever visited a chiropractic clinic in Longmont, CO before, you know what a great feeling it is walking back into the world. You feel so limber and loose, with pain being alleviated and your spirits lifted-it's a remarkable feeling that can last all day! But, like any good feeling, it can wear off in time and a few days later, you might feel only marginally better by comparison.

How do you keep that feeling of bliss going long after your chiropractic appointment? It's all about adjusting your lifestyle to sustain the adjustments that you received during your appointment!

Stay active in Longmont

Many of the spinal alignment problems we see today are caused by a lack of activity. We sit in chairs all day for work or stand rigidly for extended periods of time or spend evenings propped up in bed-all of these things are allowing our spines to sink back into misalignment! Instead, try to get up, get active and introduce some motion to your life!

Taking up yoga, visiting the gym a couple of days a week, or going for a brisk walk in the evenings can be enough to prolong your adjustment in a way that leaves you feeling better, even far between visits to a chiropractic clinic in Longmont, CO.

Take a moment to stretch it out

Sometimes there's no escaping the immobility that a day can bring with it. If you're trapped at a desk five days a week or are unable to be as active as you want to be, it's a good idea to compensate a bit by stretching. Taking a few moments to stretch your legs, your lower back and your arms/shoulders will leave you feeling a little more limber, even if you can run laps or lift weights. As a rule of thumb, for every hour you're sitting stationary, you should get up and have five minutes of active motion-even if that just means walking to the break room for a glass of water.

Watch what you eat

Diet plays a tremendous role in the way our bodies function and adjusting your diet to be a little healthier could translate into feeling better for longer after your chiropractic appointments. Skipping the donut for a piece of fruit or switching to a home-cooked meal rather than fast food can dramatically improve your body's ability to heal itself, meaning adjustments are being received better and staying in place for longer.

A healthy diet can also impact your body in peripheral ways that might not directly relate to your spine, but affect how your body is able to support itself. For example, increasing your vitamin intake is going to improve muscle and bone health, making you feel better and better!

Too many people consider the time spent at a chiropractic clinic in Longmont, CO as a panacea, rather than a jumpstart to feeling better that can be accented with some subtle lifestyle changes. Take the time to do your part and make sure you're complementing chiropractic visits with positive lifestyle adjustments.


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