What’s the Cause of Your Lower Back Pain?

What's the Cause of Your Lower Back Pain?

Chiropractic Longmont CO Causes Of Back Pain

One of the most prominent chronic health issues in today's modern world is lower back pain. Lower back pain in Longmont can come in various intensities and be caused by a number of variables, but at the end of the day, it remains a major concern for numerous people because it's a constant and consistent disruptor of daily life.

Lower back pain treatment in Longmont, CO can also take many forms and deliver a level of relief to a chronic back pain sufferer, but in order to receive appropriate, targeted treatment, it's imperative that the source of the pain in pinpointed. The fact of the matter is, chronic back pain is a symptom, not the root problem!

Chronic Lower Back Pain in Longmont

More often than not, chronic lower back pain is the result of spinal misalignment: vertebrae being compressed or shifted in a way that puts stress and strain on the lower back or interrupts nerves from the central nervous system. The result-especially over prolonged periods of time-is a body that begins to compensate for spinal issues by putting stress, strain, wear and tear on other components-most of them localized in the lower back. As an example:

Jim sits at a desk for work all day and one day, he realizes that his lower back is aching and has been for some time. Jim goes to a chiropractor to be adjusted and is told that because of his daily posture, the vertebrae in his lower back have fallen out of alignment. To compensate, his lower back has begun to support the weight of his upper body, rather than distributing this task to his glutes and hamstrings.

When it comes to correcting spinal misalignment, the best and most sustainable form of lower back pain treatment in Longmont, CO is developing good habits. Good posture, frequent exercise and even a good diet can all play a role in your body's ability to maintain a level of homeostasis that supports healing and prolonged health.

Develop Good Habits

Now, before good habits can be developed, the damage has to be reversed-or at least set in motion in the way of a reversal. This is where chiropractic care comes in. Being able to realign and adjust faltering areas of the spine means being able to pave the way for strengthening and those good habits to come!

If you're someone dealing with chronic lower back pain on a daily basis, it's important to consider exactly where that pain is coming from and what can be done to not just mitigate it, but resolve it. Visiting a chiropractor is a good first step on the journey to lower back pain treatment in Longmont, CO and learning all you can about developing good habits post-adjustment will give you the knowledge you need to kick back pain in the backside!

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