Make a Visit to an Accident Chiropractor in Longmont, CO Part of Your Plan After a Wreck

Make a Visit to an Accident Chiropractor in Longmont, CO Part of Your Plan After a Wreck

Chiropractic Longmont CO Auto Accident

Car accidents can cause injuries that are not obvious when you leave the scene. With your adrenaline pumping and a million things going on, you may not realize how hurt you are. Too often, accident victims make their injuries worse by failing to recognize the extent of their injuries. They perform tasks they shouldn't and don't do the ones they should. If you've been in a wreck, your accident chiropractor in Longmont, CO offers tips for recovery.

Follow these tips from your Longmont Chiropractor

  • Rest: When you've been in a car accident, it is essential to get the rest your body needs to recover. You may feel okay, but your body has been through trauma and, even if you don't think so at the time, it needs time to heal. Don't go to work, finish your errands, or do whatever else you had planned to do. Go home. Get rest. Let your body start to heal, or you will cause further damage.
  • Use water to heal: Both the liquid and frozen forms will help you after an accident. You should drink plenty of water - at least six cups every day for a week. This will help reduce inflammation. Adding vitamin C and electrolytes to your water will also help with inflammation and tissue repair. Applying ice to strained areas is helpful in the first 72 hours after an accident. Ziploc bags, towels, and frozen washcloths are great substitutes for ice packs.
  • Burst into song: If you're recovering from an accident, the last thing you may feel like doing is singing. But this can be a great tool for recovery. A car accident often involves a violent snap of the shoulder harness. This can force your rib heads into your spine. They then act as a vice around your lungs, and you will have difficulty taking a deep breath. Singing is a great way to move your lungs and relax your diaphragm.
  • Don't exercise: Sports, weight-bearing exercise, and yoga are all off-limits for at least a week, and longer if you are not totally pain-free at that point. Yes, it is healthy to get exercise, but performing certain movements or forcing your body to strain while it is trying to recover from an accident can be very dangerous. Talk to your chiropractor and general physician about the possibility of walking. This option is typically a safe alternative to other potentially-harmful forms of exercise.
  • Visit your accident chiropractor in Longmont, CO: When your body is jarred in an accident, your ligaments may be stretched or torn. Your neck may be injured. Your spine may become misaligned. Even if the accident is minor, your body may suffer injuries. Chiropractors specialize in bones, muscles, nerves, and connective tissues. After an accident, schedule an appointment right away to assess injuries and receive the treatment you need to correct alignments and restore your body to full health.

Too often, car accident victims don't get the care they need. Don't hesitate, if you've been in a car accident, contact Clancey Chiropractic, PC today for a quicker, smoother recovery.


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