What to Expect During your First Appointment with a Chiropractor in Longmont, CO

What to Expect During your First Appointment with a Chiropractor in Longmont, CO

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So you've finally scheduled an appointment with a Longmont chiropractor after experiencing years of back pain. Or maybe you've recently started experiencing tension in your lower back. Whether the pain is old or new, a professional chiropractor will do whatever they can to relieve your symptoms as fast and efficiently as possible. You may know the basics of what a chiropractor does, but may have questions about what you should be expecting your first appointment with a chiropractor in Longmont, CO.

To help prepare you for your upcoming appointment, here's a summary of what you can expect during the first chiropractic consultation:

Longmont Patient history and symptoms

Much like any doctor's exam, your appointment will start by filling out a bit of paperwork. Arrive early for time to complete a few forms that will give your chiropractor a better insight into your medical history and any symptoms you may be experiencing. Be prepared to explain when and how the pain started and where exactly it is located. Think about whether any activities or movements make the pain even worse. If you can, try to remember when it first occurred.

You'll also be asked to provide information on family medical history, including any pre-existing medical conditions or previous injuries. Your chiropractor will be able to provide you with a better-informed diagnosis by having all of this information.

Chiropractic exam

Once you've completed the paperwork, you'll be called back into an exam room for your chiropractic exam. During this time, a staff member or a chiropractor will perform a few general tests before the real exam begins. This may include a blood pressure test, pulse, respiration and reflexes.

After that, you'll move on to more specific tests to asses the range of motion of the affected area of your body. Additional tests will examine your muscle tone and strength. Your chiropractor may recommend some more in-depth tests to get a thorough understanding of any pain you're experiencing. Depending on your results, this could mean an x-ray exam, an MRI or other laboratory tests.


Most of the time, your chiropractor will be able to provide you with a basic diagnosis after the initial exam. The chiropractor will then recommend whether or not the condition will respond well to regular chiropractic care. If so, they will begin to craft an individualized treatment plan. The length of this plan can vary greatly depending on the initial diagnosis. Your diagnosis may even change or require a new course of action over the course of the treatment. For most types of back pain, a chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan of about one to two visits per week for approximately one month. A second exam will occur after that time to figure out if any further treatment is needed.

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