Understanding the Technique and Benefits of Acupuncture in Longmont, CO

Understanding the Technique and Benefits of Acupuncture in Longmont, CO

Chiropractic Longmont CO Acupuncture Benefits

Traditional Chinese medicine has used the technique for 3,000 years. It has been established as a U.S. practice for 20 years. It's now often covered by insurance and commonly used as a method to relieve pain. The technique is acupuncture. What does it involve, and what are the benefits? Acupuncture in Longmont, CO encompasses the following.

The Treatment from a Longmont chiropractor

Acupuncture is a simple process for the patient but requires great skill to apply. An acupuncturist inserts extremely thin needs through the skin at acupoints on the body. These are sites on the body believed to provide the most benefit for restoring health.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, needles are inserted to strategically hit pathways in the body that will restore energy flow and balance. Western practitioners usually view these points as sites to stimulate nerves, muscles, and tissue to boost natural painkillers and increase blood flow. Either way, the goal is typically to relieve pain. Other benefits may include better digestive function and improved sleep patterns. Read more on additional benefits below.

Acupuncture may also include pressure, heat, or electrical stimulation. The acupuncturist may gently twirl the needs once they are inserted, or use mild electrical pulses on the needles. He or she may also use manual massage and the application of herbal medicines.

The Appointment

Before your first acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist takes a health history, examines your tongue and may perform other physical examinations, depending on your current health and medical needs.

A typical acupuncture treatment session involves the insertion of five to 20 needles. These remain in the body for between five and 30 minutes. Because the needles are so thin, patients typically do not experience discomfort when needles are inserted or removed. After an acupuncture session, some patients report feeling relaxed, while others feel energized.

The recommended number of treatments varies by individual. For chronic ailments, your acupuncturist may recommend one or two sessions per week for several months. Other, less serious issues usually require eight to ten visits total. During your initial visit and exam, your acupuncturist can recommend the optimal number of treatments. Many patients experience great benefits and much pain relief after just one session.

The Benefits

Many studies have examined the benefits of acupuncture for a wide range of health issues. While the most common reason patients seek acupuncture is to relieve pain, it has been shown to be beneficial in treating other conditions as well. The most common include nausea, headaches, anxiety, depression, infertility and insomnia. Studies have also revealed acupuncture can be an effective treatment for morning sickness, tennis elbow, postoperative pain, leukopenia, hypertension, sprain, stroke and arthritis.

Getting started

Are you experiencing any of the above-mentioned conditions? If you are suffering, acupuncture in Longmont, CO may provide the help you need. Don't continue living in pain unnecessarily-experienced practitioners are ready to help you. By applying expert acupuncture techniques, they can stimulate our body toward a healthier state and provide the relief you've been seeking. Contact Clancey Chiropractic, PC today to schedule your acupuncture consultation.


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