Visit a Chiropractor for Headache Treatment in Longmont, CO

Visit a Chiropractor for Headache Treatment in Longmont, CO

Chiropractic Longmont CO Headache

When was the last time you had a headache? Was it mild or migraine-level? What did you do about it? You most likely took over-the-counter medication to relieve the pain. Sometimes this works, and other times it is not very effective. Either way, it is probably masking the problem rather than providing a cure. If your headaches are frequent, you may need more intentional treatment. A chiropractor can provide pain-relieving help with specialized headache treatment in Longmont, CO.

Here's how Our Longmont chiropractor can relieve your pain

  • Tension relief: A majority of headaches are classified as tension headaches. These are extremely common. Most Americans experience this type of headache at some point. These are related to joint stiffness, muscular tightness, unhealthy posture, and restricted body motion. When these situations occur, our body compensates by holding tension and altering tension points. The result is tension and pain in your head. Chiropractic care relieves this tension by restoring healthy posture and alignment in the body.
  • Proper breathing: When your oxygen levels are diminished, you are more likely to get a headache. Proper oxygen flow is not possible when your body is out of alignment. Rounded shoulders, slouched positioning, and hip tightness can all result in poor breathing. The misalignment decreases your breathing capacity. With proper chiropractic care, your posture improves, your breathing improves and your headaches diminish or disappear.
  • Trigger identification: Your chiropractor is an expert in body alignment and function. By reviewing your daily activities and habits with a chiropractor, you can identify anything you are doing throughout your day that may be causing headaches. You may need to adjust your sleep patterns or positioning or use a different office chair. Your chiropractor will work with you to help you avoid triggers and reduce headaches.
  • Neck stabilization: Your neck works constantly to keep your head up and in the desired position. If not properly aligned, this work can be very stressful for the muscles and joints of your neck. The misalignment irritates neck nerves and can cause constriction in vessels that supply blood to the brain. Chiropractic care optimizes the posture and control of the head and neck, restoring alignment and relieving constriction. This reduces your neck's workload, which, in turn, reduces the chances of developing a headache.
  • No more Band-Aid: Chiropractic care offers treatment and prevention for your headaches. The common method of relieving symptoms with painkillers simply puts a Band-Aid on a serious issue that requires more attention. Additionally, long-term use of pain medications can cause harmful side effects. To avoid these potential problems, headache sufferers can use natural chiropractic methods to get to the root cause of the problem and experience long-term relief.

If you are experiencing headaches, they may be caused by a variety of conditions. While tension headaches and migraines are the most common, headaches can also be caused by sinus infections, high blood pressure and other health concerns. They vary in intensity from slight annoyance to completely debilitating pain. No matter what the cause or pain level, you may benefit from chiropractic care. Contact Clancey Chiropractic, PC for headache treatment in Longmont, CO, and put your headaches to rest.


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